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Considering a Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet?

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

Considering a Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet?

Considering a Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet?

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If you have been contemplating going on a raw fruit and vegetable diet, go for it!


You will not only realize massive fat loss but will feel much better and be full of new energy. Taking on a raw vegetable diet may sound like a big leap for many of you, but once you get into it you will wonder way you never gave it a go before.


The hardest part of starting out on a raw fruit and vegetable diet is breaking your old food addictions, especially to bad carbs like white bread, pasta and rice. However once you break through the barrier which takes about two weeks you will find that you no longer find those foods appealing anymore and even come to dislike them. Trying to break all of your food addictions at once can be very difficult and is the reason that most people fail to stick to diets whether it is a raw vegetable diet or something else. Instead ease yourself into it cutting out certain types of foods for two weeks at a time until you cravings stop. Then eliminate another. You will soon find yourself snowballing and finding it easier and easier to eat healthy. If bad carbohydrates have been one of your biggest vices then take those first. If you find that you are suffering from lack of mental energy and focus at the beginning it is OK to cheat by substituting a little something sweet to keep you on the right path.


There are so many fruits and vegetables to choose from that you will never lack variety in your raw fruit and vegetable diet or get bored of eating the same things. After 2-4 weeks you will certainly notice changes in your body and can easily shed a couple of inches in no time at all. In fact you will find yourself raving about your raw vegetable diet to everyone you can. However don’t expect all to be interested, remember when you thought it was a little too wild of an idea. One thing that you must keep in mind is that while a raw fruit and vegetable diet can be a great thing for adults, it is not meant for children. In fact it can be harmful to them and land you in a lot of trouble. So enjoy the benefits of your new diet yourself but don’t force it on your kids.


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