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Rabbit Roulade

  • Course: Main Dish
  • Article Author: Executive Chef Gary Fx LaMorte
  • Preparation time: 00h:25min
  • Servings: 2
  • Calories: 590

Rabbit Roulade

Rabbit Roulade

Main Ingredient:



1ea 3lbs spring rabbit (FRESH)

10 oz basic mousseline (see below)

¼ cup small diced mirepoix (2pt onion, 1pt carrot, 1pt celery)

1 Tbl picked thyme leaves

2 Tbl chlorophyll (see below)

3 Tbl Fine herbs chopped (tarragon, chervil, parsley, and chive)

a/n fine sea salt

a/n freshly toasted and ground white pepper

Cooking Instructions:

Using a flexible boning knife remove fore legs and hind legs from carcass, then score down each side of the spine to remove the loins; leave belly attached. Fore legs are to be de-boned for mousseline. Hind legs are to be left on the bone for braising.

Sweat vegetables in butter, then drain residual fat and chill. Place loin on cutting board interior of the belly facing up, pound belly with a meat mallet. Mix six ounces of basic mousseline with cooked vegetables, thyme leaves, salt and pepper (Test flavor by poaching a small quantity in plastic beggar’s purse made from plastic wrap).


Season meat. Using a disposable pastry bag pipe two and a half ounces of  mix on to the juncture of loin and belly and roll trimming any excess belly meat away. 

Mix remainder of mousseline with chlorophyll, the robot coup (food processor) will ensure even mixing, Add fresh chopped herbs and season (taste). Spread a large piece (18x20) plastic wrap on a stainless steel table (a drop of water will help it stick) using an offset spatula spread the herb mousseline an 1/16 to1/8 of an inch thick, as long as loin and as deep as  needed to full encase roulade. Place stuffed loin on herb mousseline and use plastic wrap to roll, repeat for second loin. Then cryovac and sous vide for 2.25 hours at 57 degrees Celsius, and then chill in ice water until ready for service. To heat place in a small pot of water, slowly increase heat for twenty minutes till simmering, then remove from bag and slice.

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