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Pasta With Pesto

  • Course: Main Dish
  • Article Author: Acetum
  • Preparation time: 00h:40min
  • Servings: 4
  • Calories: 225

Pasta With Pesto

Pasta With Pesto

Main Ingredient:

Pesto from Acetum


1/2 Kg. of durum wheat flour

or 350 g. of normal flour with 200 g. of fine semolina 


For the sauce:

Cascina Marchesa Pesto Alla Genovese

(about 180 g.), grated Parmigiano, cheese

Cooking Instructions:

Prepare the pasta mixture using boiling water, poured into the well made in the centre of the mound of flour (stir with a spoon to avoid scalding yourself). 


When the mixture is cool enough to handle, knead well to produce a smooth dough. Then pull off pieces about the size of a bean with your thumb and by rolling them in the palm of your hand in a circular movement, prepare the characteristic "curls" of pasta.


Throw them into plenty of boiling, salted water; add 2 dessertspoons of oil to prevent the troffie sticking together.


After a few minutes, drain and dress with the pesto and grated cheese


Sponsored by Acetum

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