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Considering a Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet?

By Salvatore Cesareo

If you have been contemplating going on a raw fruit and vegetable diet, go for it! You will not only realize massive fat loss but will feel much better and be full of new energy.

Beer & Best Selling Authors: The Secrets Of Online Marketing

By Luis Marquez

Perhaps the most important mission of the 2000s for many is trying to figure out the secrets of successful online marketing. There are volumes of advice on keywords and social media

Uncork’d At Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas!


 Mother’s Day weekend saw the 5th annual world class ‘Vegas Uncork’d’ wine and food festival celebrated in Las Vegas. Food Enquirer was there to cover the amazing 4 day extravaganza...

New Years, The Flowers and The Foods in Season

By Salvatore Cesareo

At midnight announced by fireworks, parties and special events the New Year’s Day starts. January also marks the Chinese New Year, the season of Carnation and Snowdrop flowers, and the Season for Citrus, Kale, Duck, Oysters and other great foods.

How to Stay Vegan When Traveling

By Isabetta Mazzei

Being vegan is easy especially if you prepare your meals ahead. With an abundant supply of fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, you can always prepare healthy meals everyday.

Islamic New Year Travel Ideas

By Salvatore Cesareo

Unlike the traditional western calendar the Islamic year is only 354 days long meaning that the Islamic New Year falls on a different day each year.

Eat chocolates for a boost of antioxidants

By Eduardo de la Garza

This year, make it a habit to eat dark chocolates; it acts as a natural remedy for reduced blood pressure and prevents other chronic diseases. Before you take your favorite chocolate recipe out, read this.

How to Prepare the Perfect Margarita Cocktail: 7 Essential Tips

By Mixologist Patricia Richards

Learn how to make the perfect margarita cocktail by following master mixologist Patricia Richards 7 essential tips and surprise your friends at the next poolside party.

South African Food Inspirations For Watching The World Cup

By Martin Thomas

2010 heralds the first World Cup to be held in South Africa. Even for those who are not really big sport fans the World Cup is always an event that everyone loves to watch and can get passionate about.

Foods that You Need if You are Active on Sports

By Cicilia Guasconi

If you are a person who is active on sports or doing too much physical activity, you need high energy boosting foods to help you perform your physical daily routines, and to keep your nutrition healthy.

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