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Do Not Like Airplane Food: Three Simple Meals to Take With You

By Ashley Edwards

To travel by plane is a nice experience especially of you are taking long hours of flight. Literally, you do nothing but read, listen to music, write letters and a lot more. Traveling by plane is faster than driving a car.

5 Easy Changes in Your Diet to Improve the Health of Your Hair

By Ashley Edwards

You noticed some changes with your hair, dry than usual, split ends and worsening hair loss. While you always visit a salon to have monthly treatments, it never seems to cure the problem.

How to Increase Your Sport Performance With Natural Nutrients

By David Williams

To be an athlete requires more than just good genes; you need to have the proper nutrition, dedication to your sport, endless training hours and discipline. If you lack any of these elements, you will have a hard time maintaining your energy level ne

Vietnam, Land of Excitement & Wild Food!

By David Williams

Vietnam may not be on the top of most people's list of vacation spots or food tours however it is certainly a land of excitement and wild food to be tried. Perhaps not the place to take the kids for a summer break but Vietnam will definitely not disa

Lessons From Food And Religion For Health

By Cheng Tay

Food and religion have always been closely related. Many different religions have their own rituals around food and drink and each has its own ideas of what is good to eat and what

Lemons to Reduce Risk of Cancer

By Salvatore Cesareo

Old people used to say that if you want to live longer, pay attention to what you eat. The global crisis of obesity has reached new heights, as young children afflicted with different types of cancer increases every year.

How to pair your wine with chocolates

By Chin Kim

Just like wine and cheese, you can pair your chocolates with wines. There is always a bottle of best wine perfect for a chocolate bar. Both wine and chocolates have the rich flavors and complex taste that when matched...

How about Cherries?

By Red Jen

What have you tasted that's fabulous lately? How about cherries? They're a welcome addition to the farmers markets and are bursting with sweet flavor!

Your Quick Guide To What Beer To Drink On Vacation

By Isabetta Mazzei

Welcome to your quick guide to beer on vacation. Its great to travel and try out new beers. So which ones should you be looking out for on your way around the world?

Islamic New Year Beverages

By Cicilia Guasconi

If you are looking for some beverage ideas for your own Islamic New Year party or just some cool drink ideas for any of your upcoming get together then a little research into some traditional Arabic beverages is just what you need.

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