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Brilliant Beer and Food In Downtown London

By Mehmet Tekin

For those who have never been, London offers incredible beer and a much different, yet enjoyable lifestyle than many are used to.

Tips For International Travel

By Emma James

When people are traveling abroad or worldwide, they are prone to be sick because of extra pressure they put on their body.

What Do Athletes Eat

By Faruk Tatlici

Athletes known to have extra energy to undergo vigorous training everyday, sleeping early, almost no social life and follows a very strict diet. Being an athlete, you need to wake up early and do a set of exercises that will warm up your body before

Chicken or Hen? What is best for Your Soup?

By Alyssa Wright

Winter season brings out the best and worst in us. Some people get depressed because of the constant snow and endless cold nights.

Holstein’s Shakes and Buns

By Max Jacobson

Ground beef! It’s what’s for dinner. Or lunch. Or brunch. And maybe even breakfast. Don’t Americans ever get tired of burgers? Perhaps the Europeans have us pegged right after all.

Going Green For A Healthier Lifestyle

By Tim Shibble

Many people have been talking about going green and consuming organic foods. Many advocates talk of the number of benefits that can be derived from going environmental friendly.

Delicious Pumpkin Soup Recipes – Ideas and Tips

By Salvatore Cesareo

There is nothing like some delicious pumpkin soup during the late fall and winter. In fact, a pumpkin soup can be used at home for warming up the family after being out in the cold and as healthy meal options.

Feeding Your Green Baby

By Alyssa Wright

If you want your baby to grow as a green-loving child, then start feeding your baby with organic food. Going organic not only helps the environment but also teaches your child the nutritional value and importance of organic food.

Foods That Increase Sexual Desire

By Matteo Datini

Food has long been associated with a person?s sex performance. Couples look for ways to help them perform much better in bed. You might not be aware of it, there will be times you might wonder how you have the extra energy to last long compared to ot

What Can Be Learn From Playboy’s ‘A-List’ Top Bartenders?


For some bar-tending is a part time job to get through college. For others it is a work of art and a way to get into the Playboy Mansion!

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