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Red Jen


Red Jen

Jennifer A. Ford

Jennifer A. Ford, known as, “Red Jen,” is a Health & Wellness Coach, Consultant and Educator with 15 years of experience balancing a demanding corporate career with her need for healthy & tasty food, lots of exercise and a fulfilling, passion-driven life.  She provides client coaching and education both on an individual basis and in a group setting to help clients achieve balance in their lives, improve their overall health and well being, and inspire them to lead passion-driven lives.  She also consults with corporations to help them define and implement corporate wellness strategies. 

After obtaining her BS degree in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Biotechnology at the University of California at Berkeley, Red Jen began her career in Environmental Consulting and went on to work as a Management Consultant, focusing on industries such as Investment Banking, Aerospace and Defense, Food & Beverage, and Healthcare.  After learning how to juggle her demanding job, travel challenges, personal responsibilities, and need to pursue her passions, she realized her true calling was to help others find more balance and improve the health and quality of their lives. 

Red Jen became a yoga teacher in 2005, quit her corporate job in 2007, and started managing the Westwood Farmers Market that same year.  She then earned her certificate in Holistic Health Counseling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, affiliated with Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in New York City.   She’s been told that she has an uncanny "Passion for Produce" and with this passion hopes to change the world "one bite at a time."  She’s absolutely loved getting on the farmer-side of the food system, understanding their challenges, dedication and investment in the quality food we enjoy eating.  The added benefit is that she has deepened her understanding of seasonal eating and tied that to her knowledge of the ancient, Ayurvedic approach to finding balance.  Access to ever-changing harvests has also inspired her to create seasonal recipes that she shares with her clients and at her cooking classes and is compiling in her forthcoming cookbook, “Simply Seasonal:  A  Yogic Approach to Eating.”  All her recipes are loaded with nutrition and lots of flavor and are typically low in calories, and so they exemplify “big bang for your bite!”    Red Jen teaches her busy clients the simplicity of eating local, sustainably grown food.  After all, starting with incredibly fresh and tasty ingredients makes putting a healthy meal on the table quick and easy. 

In yoga we try to live in the moment, whether on or off the mat: yoga teaches us to live right here, right now.  Choosing to eat right here, right now, and means choosing what’s local and in season where and when we can.  This is the foundation of Red Jen’s “yogic approach to eating” and the platform from which she teaches her clients and customers to choose shop and use local ingredients whenever possible…

A yogic approach to eating applies the practice of living in the moment to eating in the moment.  Each breath we take is an opportunity for change.  Each bite we take is an opportunity to choose our health, as well as that of the planet.  Further, Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, teaches us to eat  and adjust our lifestyle to balance our dosha or “season “ and that when we eat and adapt our lifestyle to nature’s seasons, we are in balance with our surroundings and thus we become more balanced ourselves – mentally, physically, emotionally , and spiritually.  The yogic approach to eating ties in the philosophies of the 8-limbed yoga path with Ayurveda’s dharma and methods of seeking balance with the related approach of eating seasonally... To be in each pose, to move with the breath, what a shift to make to eat in the moment!

Red Jen Ford is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and Seasonal Eating Expert.  Find her on Thursdays managing the Westwood Farmers’ Market, located in the Vets’ Garden in Los Angeles, between Noon and 5 PM ( ).  Or, get inspired in her yoga classes at CorePowerYoga in Huntington Beach ( ), or find her on the web at  and .

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