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What Food To Serve This Christmas Eve?

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

What Food To Serve This Christmas Eve?

What Food To Serve This Christmas Eve?

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There are endless volumes of ideas on what to serve for Christmas day feasts, but what about Christmas Eve?


You are probably going to be living off of left over turkey in a variety of forms for the next few days so what can you do really different for Christmas Eve? Christmas Eve dinner should not be overlooked by any means regardless of whether you are just cooking for your immediate family or have a house full of friends and extended family members. Why not use it as a time to explore traditional Christmas food from around the world so you learn something while enjoying new flavors? This is an especially good idea if you have kids or perhaps in-laws who are from another country. Many cultures actually celebrate their festivities on Christmas Eve so this is a great way for everyone to keep to their traditions.


Ukraine and many other countries traditionally serve a fish dish or fish soup at Christmas and certainly you won’t find anything as different from your traditional roast turkey. Sweden has a big focus on pork foods including several varieties of sausage, spare ribs and gravlax. Venezuela offers a variety of unique Christmas food that will be a total change from the usual suspects. Try hallacas; a rectangular shaped food made with corn flour, stuffed with beef, pork or chicken, raisins, olives and wrapped in plantain leaves. Pan de jamon is a delicious bread stuffed with raisins, olives and ham. Another Latin American favorite Christmas food is ensalada de gallina (chicken salad) made with cubed carrots, apples, potato and shredded chicken.


England offers several great dessert food options to finish things off including chocolate yule log, mince pies and Christmas pudding. Traditional Christmas pudding is a real treat and definitely a great way to impress guests. Traditionally made with suet, nuts and dried fruit this steamed pudding is doused in brandy and set alight for serving.


Their are plenty of Christmas food options to explore from around the globe so why not make this a tradition of your own to try something new each Christmas Eve?

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