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What do Japanese People Eat?

  • Article Author: David Williams

What do Japanese People Eat?


Japanese people are famous for their authentic meals and usually in every Japanese household, Japanese food include a variety of rice dishes. Although Japanese people consume more rice, there is a decreasing trend in recent years. However, most Japanese people considered rice as their staple food. One can only imagine the goodness of a very hot bowl of rice in your favorite dishes and the appetizing side dishes made more delicious with rice. Japanese people simply love their rice bowls and their favorite rice cakes. Japanese food also means health food. They only have the choicest ingredients that promote good health and long life. A Japanese breakfast includes rice, miso soup and side dishes. Some of their favorite side dishes are dried seaweed, salad, pickles, grilled fish and rolled omelet. This looks like a heavy breakfast but if you study the Japanese food, the ingredients are simple and used everyday. What makes it different are the unique spices and other choice ingredients that Japanese people are known to add. For lunch, the usual food will be rice bowls or noodles. Japanese people love their noodles and rice bowls. For rice bowls, they have the famous beef bowls, and for noodles, udon and soba noodles are two of their favorite noodles. Lunch also includes a plate of sushi, rice balls and tempura. If you want to start eating Japanese food for good health, try making sushi and tempura. Dinner is a big affair in Japan, as this is considered the heaviest meal of the day. You will be amazed at the wide choice of food available during dinner. Aside from sushi and tempura, which are available during lunch, all types of seafood dishes are prepared. Japanese people love to eat seafood apart from eating rice. Japanese cuisine uses different variety of fish and shellfish they often catch from oceans, lakes and rivers. They love to prepare seafood and eaten it in different ways; raw, boiled, grilled, dried, steamed or deep-fried. Japanese people are fond of eating fish in raw and Sashimi is one fish dish prepared that way. The fish just need to be fresh and correctly prepared. Usually a meal of Sashimi is with wasabi and soy sauce. Fish cakes are popular in Japan and dinner is not complete with these delicious cakes. If you want to start eating for good health, better start learning how to cook different kinds of Japanese food. You can see for yourselves the effect of food on Japanese people, most of them are slim and have a healthy body and rarely do you see Japanese with rough skin. This is primarily due to their good food and healthy diet.

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