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The Pros & Cons Of A Raw Food Diet

  • Article Author: Armando Boccachio

The Pros & Cons Of A Raw Food Diet


Raw food diets have become more popular than ever in the last couple of years. There are now more and more gurus promoting raw food than ever and fortunately for those that decide to try them, many more raw food recipes. Why a raw food diet? There are two main reasons for taking up a raw food diet. The first is the weight loss benefits. For many a raw food diet can offer dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time. For others raw food is a way to help to body to cleanse. The cleansing benefits ar obvious for those who are going to adapt a true raw food diet. It can be beneficial for almost everyone for a short period to purify the body from toxins that are ingested everyday. There is nothing wrong with shutting yourself away for a week or two with vegetables, recipes for raw food juices and some water and not only cleansing but shedding some serious weight. In fact many have found they have been able to lose over 10lbs in two weeks on a raw food juice diet. However for a longer period of time much more thought needs to be put into a raw food diet. While raw juices are great for losing weight you cannot expect to live on carrot, celery or tomato juice alone forever. You need to make sure that you are getting a full range of vitamins and minerals in your diet to stay healthy. This is especially true for those who are younger. There have been many cases where children have been found to be in a terrible state of malnutrition due to raw food diets, which can lead to death and of course loss of custody for the parents. Fortunately, as mentioned above there are now numerous raw food recipes to choose from for those considering doing it full time. Remember that just embarking on a raw diet alone isnt a magic cure or secret diet that will automatically help you reach all of your health and fitness goals jsut because you are eating raw food. Many vegetables and fruit contain a huge amount of sugar. So raw food does not automatically mean you are going to continue to lose weight on a long term basis. For those who want to look in great shape and have some kind of muscle definition raw food diets can be tricky. Hardcore raw foodies do not believe in consuming any meat or fish. However there are many foodies who believe a raw food diet can include sashimi, carpaccio and other raw meats. So yes raw can have great cleansing and weight loss benefits, though for those considering keeping it up for more than a couple weeks a careful and complete diet should be well planned out.

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