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Primal Dieting: Eat Your Raw Diet With A Roar!

  • Article Author: Cem Vardar

Primal Dieting: Eat Your Raw Diet With A Roar!


With raw food diets on the rise there are many varieties of raw food diets emerging. Among them is the Primal raw food diet. This is definitely not one for vegetarians. Vegetables and recipes with vegetables are definitely allowed, yet this is one for the serious meat eaters. Yet it still has a lot of appeal to some would be vegetarians in that the raw food aspect definitely takes things back to being about as natural as they could possibly be. The primal diet is definitely a top choice among those who are seeking to get super ripped and develop massive amounts of lean muscle. Raw food fans on the primal diet will enjoy an incredible physique as well as feeling incredibly healthy and having stronger immune systems. Today there are over 20,000 people on the type of raw food diet just in North America. To be precise, raw foodies consider foods raw if not heated above 104 degrees. This leaves a lot of freedom, though obviously the more raw the food recipes the better. The science behind this thinking is that foods heated over this threshold lose their nutritional value and can actually become harmful. Another side to the argument for this raw food diet is that our bodies really havent evolved since prehistoric times and that the naturally occurring bacterias in a raw food diet actually protect us from health problems and improve the immune system. Of course going from a regular western diet to a primal raw food one over night can be a bit of a shock, not to mention a little difficult for many to stick to. In order to really make it work. First recognize that it is going to take some work to completely move over to a primal raw food diet. Then begin by making changes gradually. Start including raw food recipes into one or two meals a day. Track your your progress and catch yourself doing the right things. Try adding new raw food recipes to your diet each week to keep it interesting. If you find yourself struggling, take it easy. Making the commitment to a raw food and primal diet is something that should be done with the long term in mind. There is nothing wrong with taking plenty of time to work into it. That is far better than crashing and burning after two weeks because you cannot take the drastic change of only raw food recipes.

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