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Making Sense Of The Variety Of Vegetarians

  • Article Author: Isabetta Mazzei

Making Sense Of The Variety Of Vegetarians


It seems every time you turn around these days there is a new type of vegetarian at the table next to you or in front of you in line at the supermarket. Vegetarians, vegans, ovo this, lacto that and raw foodies, what does it all mean? Flexitarian This is perfect for those who want to enjoy a healthier diet and experiment with vegetarian dishes, more vegetables in their recipes and even raw food. A flexitarian is best described as a semi-vegetarian. Pescatarian Pescatarian diets are becoming more and more popular. It is a vegetarian diet that allows you to eat fish. This gives easy access to the extra protein and vitamins many are afraid of missing out of when they switch to a vegetarian diet. It is also a great segue into a full vegetarian or raw food diet. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians This is the most common type of vegetarian and perhaps one of the diets heavy on vegetables in recipes yet can still work well for those who are active athletes or body builders. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians do not eat any type meat, fish or shellfish but can eat dairy products and eggs. Lacto-Vegetarians A lacto-vegetarian is someone who doesnt eat eggs but will eat dairy products. Ovo-Vegetarians An ovo-vegetarian does not eat dairy products, meat or fish but does eat eggs. Vegan Vegans are perhaps the most hardcore of vegetarians. Vegans do not eat meat or fish of any kind, do not eat dairy products, eggs or even processed foods containing these items or any other animal-derived ingredients. Raw foods play a big part in the vegan diets as this even applies to food items that involve animal products in the making, even if they are not in the finished products. Raw Food Diets Not all raw food dieters are vegetarians, though many are. For those who havent tried it, there are many raw food recipes to try out. However, raw food vegans must be careful to get themselves plenty of the right nutrition. In fact a raw food vegan diet has been shown to be dangerous for children. Macrobiotic This is one you may not have tried yet. This diet can include plenty of raw food recipes but focuses on unprocessed vegan foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A macrobiotic diet is also known for its emphasis on Asian vegetables like; seaweed and daikon.

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