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5 Meat Dishes For Raw Food Fanatics

By Vedat Onyol

There are many benefits of a raw food diet and more and more people across the globe are turning to raw food diets everyday. Raw food of course was what the human race survived on

Making Sense Of The Variety Of Vegetarians

By Isabetta Mazzei

It seems every time you turn around these days there is a new type of vegetarian at the table next to you or in front of you in line at the supermarket. Vegetarians, vegans, ovo this, lacto that

Itch-free Recipes without Eggs

By Tania Martinez

Serving food without eggs have gain popularity since egg allergy is common among children. If your kids are suffering from egg allergy, do not fret: allergies to egg are one of childhood?s common allergies.

Remove Nightshade Vegetables from your Diet

By Matteo Datini

Do you like vegetables? If anybody asks me this question, my answer will be, yes and I have no meals without vegetables. We all know vegetables are one of the most important parts of our daily diet, but there is some question with nightshade vegetabl

The Pros & Cons Of A Raw Food Diet

By Armando Boccachio

Raw food diets have become more popular than ever in the last couple of years. There are now more and more gurus promoting raw food than ever and fortunately for those that decide to try

Become A Champion Bodybuilder On A Vegetarian Or Raw Food Diet?

By Cheng Tay

Is it really possible to develop the physique and strength of a champion bodybuilder on a diet of raw food and vegetables recipes alone?

Best Sources Of Protein For Vegetarians

By Cicilia Guasconi

There are more vegetarians and raw food fans than ever these days. Even many athletes and martial artists are opting for raw food and vegetarian diets. Fortunately there are many more

Heal Yourself by Eating Leafy Green Vegetables

By Tania Martinez

More women complain of stress as the source of their sickness and more professionals are prone to vitamin deficiency. Taking up multiple roles in the office and at home can take a toll on your health and can sometimes lead to depression.

Primal Dieting: Eat Your Raw Diet With A Roar!

By Cem Vardar

With raw food diets on the rise there are many varieties of raw food diets emerging. Among them is the Primal raw food diet. This is definitely not one for vegetarians.

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