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The Best Seasoning for Baked Lamb Chops

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

The Best Seasoning for Baked Lamb Chops

The Best Seasoning for Baked Lamb Chops

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It is the season for lamb! Lamb is synonymous with Easter dinner and it makes a refreshing and delightful change for the taste buds from the same of beef, ham or chicken you usually put on the table. Lamb shoulders, legs of lamb, nothing is off limits, but one of the best ways to enjoy it is with baked lamb chops. If you haven’t cooked lamb before or at least not very often it pays to take a look at some of the exciting lamb chops recipes others have created. But what is the best seasoning for baked lamb chops?


Choices of seasonings for baked lamb chops can get quite varied and those who are used to eating it or serving it a lot have come up with a huge array of different flavor combinations. Though no matter which lamb chops recipes you find most appealing you will want to be sure to include the core basics, garlic, shallots and freshly ground pepper.


From browsing some of the top chef lamb chops recipes you will think it appears to be one of the most versatile meats there is and could easily compete with chicken in its uses. Checking out lamb chops recipes from today’s most highly respected chefs you will find everything from baked lamb chops L’Orange to baked lamb chops with a Ragu of fennels and balsamic reduction to baked lamb chops with couscous and sugarcane vinegar sauce as well as seasonal specialties like the St. Patrick’s Day inspired lamb with Guinness sauce.


Though whatever you choose to finish your baked lamb chops with it all starts with choosing the best seasoning. Lamb works very well with Indian inspired dishes so curry powders, ginger, cloves and cumin work well. Others claim a lemon pepper mix the best seasoning for their lamb chops recipes, though thyme and rosemary are likely among the top three choices for lamb. Thyme can be used as a great base for almost any lamb dishes. While rosemary is also a superb choice and goes well with baked lamb chops with redcurrant and port sauce. Though it is is mint that is undoubtedly the number one best seasoning for baked lamb chops without a question.


To perfect your baked lamb chops and really get in a rich and deep level of flavor that your guests will drool over for months season and marinate them ahead of time. Sprinkle a little seasoning and fresh herbs of your choice on them the night before to really work the flavors and your diners will be raving about your baked lamb chops to everyone. The only downside is trying to get out of having to cook every time you get together in the future.

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