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Preparing Healthy Pet Food

  • Article Author: Gostanza Capponi

Preparing Healthy Pet Food

Pets Food

There is a growing awareness among pet owners about the importance of feeding their pets with nutritious pet food. Most of the pet food that owners feed their pets with are manufactured, leading to a growing concern that commercial pet food are not nutritious. This article will help guide the pet owners out there who are becoming more concerned with providing the right amount of nutrition to their pets. There are several disadvantages if we manually prepare our pets food. First, not everyone has the time to prepare food for their pets. Also, the price for preparing pet food is expensive compared to buying from the store. The good thing about preparing pet food for our pets is that we are able to prepare nutritious food for them. A healthy, nutritious meal for our pets can be significant in keeping our pets healthy. It is important that we are able to provide the correct percentage of nutrition to our pet?s meal. You can make a diet for your pet that furnishes about 20-45% protein, 5-10% fat and 20-35% carbohydrate if the food you serve your pet is made up of about 2-3 parts meat and 2-3 parts plant carbohydrates. For protein ingredients, possible ingredients would include ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, fish, eggs and dairy. It is important to note that when cats require more fat than dogs (10-35%) so when preparing food for them use less lean meat or add extra fat. It should also be noted that fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and dairy is an excellent source of calcium so they make healthy pet food. For sources of carbohydrates one may consider feeding their pets with rice, wheat products and potato. Owners should remember that cats need a diet that is higher in protein than dogs. Cats poorly absorb carbohydrates in grain and potato poorly; they get their energy from metabolizing fats and proteins in meat. If owners want to incorporate higher fiber carbohydrate sources such as oatmeal, sweet peas, carrots and pumpkin, they should do so gradually as this may cause diarrhea in our pets. But higher fiber carbohydrate sources can be very helpful in pets with anal sac or constipation problems or for those that are obese or in kidney failure. The fat ingredient should comprise one part of your pet?s diet. If you serve your dog a home- cooked diet that is 50-60% meat or poultry with a 10-15% meat fat content, your dog is getting adequate fat in its diet. When feeding cats, one should increase the fat content by adding one part fresh chicken fat and a small amount of flax seed oil for omega-6 content. There endless possible combinations that we can prepare by varying the meat and carbohydrate ingredients for the pet food. It is time to start providing our pets with the proper amount of nutrition.

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