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Food Items that can Make your Dog Sick

  • Article Author: Nadia Hernandez

Food Items that can Make your Dog Sick

Pets Food

Most people have the wrong notion that you can feed your dog with any food scrap. While your pet dog depends on you to keep him alive and healthy, consider the dog body metabolism and system. Most of us feed our dogs with anything we eat; giving them bits of food not knowing it can harm them. When it comes to caring for pets, it is time to think about the safety of your dog by learning what kind of human food causes hazards and illness. Some food can upset your dog?s digestive system and can sometimes lead to death. Check the list below for some of the common food items not suitable as pet food. You might be guilty of feeding your dog one of these food items: ? Baby food ? avoid giving baby food especially with onion powder since onion is toxic to dogs and can cause nutritional deficiencies. Like garlic, it can also cause anemia. ? Alcoholic beverages ? if you think feeding your dog with beer is funny, think again. It can cause intoxication, which can lead to death. ? Bones ? bones from fish, chicken and from meat can lacerate your dog?s digestive system. ? Grapes and Raisins ? contains a certain toxin, which can damage their kidneys. However, there is no reported harm in giving your dog a dose of your grape seed extract. ? Macadamia nuts ? which you love to eat is not good for your dog?s digestive, muscle and nervous system. ? Sugary foods ? just like with humans, frequent consumption can cause obesity, and a more serious illness, the diabetes mellitus. Even artificial sweetener can damage the dog?s liver. ? Raw eggs ? an enzyme in raw egg decreases your body?s absorption of B vitamins especially biotin, leading to skin and coat problems. ? Chocolate, coffee, and other food items with caffeine can be toxic to your dog and can cause heart and nervous system problems. These are just some of the common food items that can bring more harm than good to your pet dog. For a complete list, it is better to ask your veterinarian or you can research online. By giving your dogs ?pet-friendly? foods, you can give your pet a long and healthy life.

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