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Organic Food: Is it a Trend or There Are Actually Healthy Benefits?

  • Article Author: Isabetta Mazzei

Organic Food: Is it a Trend or There Are Actually Healthy Benefits?

Organic Food

Due to the constantly growing demands for organic food, the supply is greatly increasing as well. This in turn made more people turn into organics, and the trend is so prevalent that many large companies now have their own organic food lines which offer consumers even more organic choices. But what exactly is organic and why is it very popular nowadays? Is it just a trend or is it really better for you? The term organic is used to describe a product that has passed the organic certification process. This means that the crops, vegetables, or fruits are grown or made in a way that excludes the use of synthetic materials such as pesticides, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, and synthetic fertilizers. Organic foods from animals such as meat, poultry and dairy products are those which are free from growth hormones, antibiotics, and the likes. Although we don't have lots of information regarding the nutrition benefits of organic farming, the basic equation are a healthier soil and a healthier environment will yield healthier foods. This makes real sense if you consider the fact that pesticides are a major factor in pollution. If it?s harmful for the planet, then it can?t possibly be healthy to have it in our system, right? By being free of harmful chemicals, organic foods will significantly decrease the build up of foreign toxins in our bodies. There are many studies that attribute these foreign chemicals to us feeling sick, tired, stressed, and depressed. In the previous years it has become more widespread that people become ill for no clear reasons. Though food poisoning is a quite an obvious cause, mild cases are more difficult to pinpoint. A wide range of pesticides that are used in conventional farming can also eradicate beneficial bugs that are actually helpful to the farm ecosystem, resulting in the need for even more synthetic fertilizers. So organic food not only protects us from exposure to harmful chemicals, but also proves itself critical for a healthier ecosystem. With all these to consider, it?s apparent that going organic is a win-win situation for all, from farmers to consumers and our life-giving planet as well. Although many consumers still shy away from the growing organic trend, the good news is that lots of companies are jumping into the organic bandwagon with their own line of food products which makes it more accessible. Plus, the government is enforcing stricter and better standards for the organic certification process, so consumers can rest assured the food is truthfully organic, with all of its healthy benefits. So if you?re health conscious and haven?t tried organic, what are you waiting for?

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