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November Is Good Nutrition Month!

  • Article Author: Teresa Navarrete

November Is Good Nutrition Month!

November Is Good Nutrition Month!

November each year is ‘Good Nutrition Month’! It is a great month to bolster your own efforts to eat healthier, a great time to try out new nutritious recipes and to teach your kids about eating better.


Why not set a goal of eliminating another one of your food addictions this month? Commit to looking up nutrition tips each week and trying out a new healthier dish that you can add to your regular meal plan. Use this month to educate your kids about eating right. Remind them about the My Food Pyramid and find something they are passionate about to motivate them to join in your Good Nutrition Month mission. Perhaps they want to be better at a sport, may be they want to fit in to some new clothes or even get stronger or just look better. Help them look up the healthy foods that will help them reach their goals or even try out recipes from different types of diets like vegan or raw food diets.


There are a few other dedications for November. This includes being known as Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, Latin American Month and National American Indian Heritage Month. So perhaps you will also want to incorporate these ideas as inspiration for new dishes. There are also an array of individual special days for celebrating different types of foods during November including National Candy Day and National Doughnut Day, though why they land in Good Nutrition Month isn’t quite clear, but a good excuse for a couple of treats to break up an otherwise strict diet month. November 2nd is Sandwich Day, the birthday of John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich who is credited as the official inventor of sandwiches. Then of course you can’t forget about Thanksgiving. While traditionally a day people like to gorge themselves and fall asleep in front of the TV after a football game there are plenty of healthy dishes you can put on the table to go with your turkey. Have fun with it and enjoy Good Nutrition Month as a month for exploring new foods and tastes!

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