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Foods That Increase Sexual Desire

  • Article Author: Matteo Datini

Foods That Increase Sexual Desire

Food and Sex

Food has long been associated with a person sex performance. Couples look for ways to help them perform much better in bed. You might not be aware of it, there will be times you might wonder how you have the extra energy to last long compared to other days. Stress and daily activities can be factors, but eating certain kind of food definitely has an effect on your increased sexual desires. What if you know these foods that will give you the energy to perform better, will you try these food to increase your sexual appetite? Listed below are some of the foods guaranteed to increase you desires towards your partner. ? Celery - this super food is not only a delicious addition to your soup and other dishes, nevertheless a good sex appetite stimulator. It contains androsterone, a hormone guaranteed to stimulate and increase sexual stimulation. Androsterone is a hormone released by men through their perspiration, which studies show makes women turn on. Celery eaten raw will give you the best results. ? Oysters ? when it comes to aphrodisiacs, oysters is famous. It is high in zinc, a mineral important in increasing sperm count and production of the male hormone testosterone. Studies show that a hormone dopamine, which is responsible for increasing libido, is also present in oysters. Other couples eat raw oysters before sex to get them into the mood. ? Bananas ? is not only great for fruit shakes but also a sure food to increase sexual desires and can help cure impotence in men. For overall energy, eat bananas to increase the body?s performance. This is due to their high level of potassium as well as a rich source of B vitamins. If you want to increase your sexual mood, use bananas. ? Garlic ? has the ingredient allicin, which helps increase the blood flow to the organs for better sexual performance. It is highly recommended to increase libido among couples. Prepare your food with lots of garlic like fried rice and grilled meat. If you cannot take the odor of garlic, take garlic capsules instead for the same results. Now that you know the kind of foods needed to increase your sexual appetite, fill up your shopping cart with these effective foods for an exciting night ahead.

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