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The Maldives - Unparalleled Dinning Experiences

  • Article Author: Faruk Tatlici

The Maldives - Unparalleled Dinning Experiences


The Maldives is known as one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet as well as one of the most exclusive. This collection of small unspoiled islands amongst the sparkling turquoise Indian Ocean and 40 of the world's best dive locations is dotted with some of the most fabulous hotel resorts you could ever dream of staying at. It may take a little while to travel here but once you arrive it is complete indulgent luxury and exciting new experiences from beginning to end. However travel to and staying in the Maldives offers more than just elephant treks, exhilarating water sports and endless days of being pampered in 5 star spas. Those who travel here will also find some of the world's finest cooking and food experiences that will never be forgotten. World class chefs and attentive highly trained and friendly servers await those who travel here to impress them with how food should really be eaten. It is not only the delicious recipes that await made from only the finest imported and locally grown ingredients that you will love but the presentation is totally unparalleled. Enjoy freshly caught giant lobsters and seafood along side fine European cuisine in the setting of your choice or in the privacy of your 5 star, stunning accommodations over looking the crystalline ocean served by your personal chef. However it is the unique themed private dinning experiences that make the travel here so worth while and unforgettable. In fact after dinning here you may never wish to travel home again. Themed private dinning settings for romantic couple include choices like on the beach at sunset, gourmet picnics for two on private secluded islands, under the stars above the fiber optic lit pool with your toes in the water and perhaps the most magical of them all; a dinner under a giant ancient ficus tree surrounded by exotic vegetation and flowers that is a picture of a fairytale meeting between souls. To top it off you even get to select your own menu for your date with the executive chef. It is surely an experience worth the travel and without a doubt will win the heart of any romantic interest who accompanies you.

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