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Oysters Are Known To Be a Natural Aphrodisiac

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

Oysters Are Known To Be a Natural Aphrodisiac

Oysters Are Known To Be a Natural Aphrodisiac

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If you were a man, do you wish your libido increasing, as you get older? Almost all men will answer yes to this question. Sex plays an important role in anyone’s life and the reason for our existence.


Studies have shown that more men are getting disappointed with their sex life. Sexual problems can strike men of any age. It does not mean that the older you get, the more health problems you will experience. There are men in their late sixties, who enjoy an active sex life, whereas some men in their forties have a non-existent one.


Usually hormonal imbalances, bad health and sexual dysfunctions can lead to loss of libido. Frustrations over these problems can cause strain in relationships and marriage. Most men are dependent on prescription pills like Viagra to give them temporary relief and solution. However, as any commercial pill available in the market, too much consumption can lead to risky and serious health problems.


The decline in their sex appetite has made men look for libido increasing solution to make them as desirable to their partners. Food plays an important role with men’s libido increasing efforts and struggle for a healthy sex life and natural aphrodisiacs can be the cure.


Every culture has their own natural aphrodisiacs, ranging from oysters, chocolates, banana to caviar. Of all these food aphrodisiacs, oysters rates high among couples. You can eat oysters as raw or cook it as an appetizer or delicious meal.


Few studies done with oysters prove that these natural aphrodisiacs rich in zinc, increases the sperm and testosterone level. A diet with sufficient zinc helps increase libido by controlling the body’s progesterone levels. As zinc deficiency can lead to impotence, eating food rich in zinc can prevent this problem. Moreover, oyster contains a good amount of the amino acid tyrosine, which helps increase the level of dopamine in the brain, which in turn heightens sex drive.


Aside from getting the essential amount of zinc and tyrosine by eating natural aphrodisiacs like oysters, the act of eating it raw can also entice your partner. The slippery texture and shucking action can further increase your appetite for sex. Just wash the oyster shells thoroughly to avoid bacteria and dirt, to avoid getting sick.

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