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Impress Your Date With Your Own Personal Chef

By Huang Lee

Restaurants can just be to distracting and full of variables you cannot control that presents too much risk for making sure your next important date is a real hit.

Promote Your Restaurant With A Singles Dating Night

By Huang Lee

Many restaurants have suffered just as hard in the recent economic decline as other business owners. Even though everyone has to eat many have cut back on eating out at restaurants in order to be more prudent with their finances.

Love and Concern for others - Why the 16th of October Is Called the Sweetest Day

By Cem Vardar

Why the 16th of October Is Called the Sweetest Day because this is the day designated to show love primarily to the less fortunate people like the orphans, the poor and the elderly. To make them feel that they are loved and not left out.

Impress Any Date With A Meal At The World's Most Expensive Restaurants

By Dea Anichino

What could possible impress and amaze any food lover you are dating than a trip to one of the world's most expensive restaurants featuring some of the world's most respected chefs?

There's Nothing Sexier Than Fondue!

By Cem Vardar

If you have a upcoming dinner date planned it's time to get your FUNdue on with a little fondue. There is no food quite as sexy as fondue! Of course there are some specialty food restaurants that offer fondue and are perfectly fine for dating

Put A Little Picante In Your Next Miami Date With Some Salsa!

By Dea Anichino

Nothing heats up a date like a little Latin flavor and passion. Most guys are too shy or stubborn to try Salsa dancing but it is a sexy dance that women love and can easily spice up your evening.

Oysters: Raw or Cooked? 8 Essential Tips About Oysters

By Salvatore Cesareo

Going out on a date and wonder if oysters are it and more? A team of American and Italian researchers found out that the high concentration of amino acids present in the oysters flesh triggers an increased level of sex hormones.

The First Date That Will Eat Your Heart Out.

By Dea Anichino

First dates can really be nerve-wracking because you have to make a lot of preparations. It is one event where you can be totally romantic but not really spontaneous.

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