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Sweet Guilt in the Month of Chocolate Lovers

  • Article Author: Thomas James

Sweet Guilt in the Month of Chocolate Lovers

Sweet Guilt in the Month of Chocolate Lovers

Salvatore Cesareo Salvatore Cesareo Profile

There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about over indulging on sweets in February. Not only is this the month of Valentine’s Day, but February is also Chocolate Month!

That doesn’t mean you should just be binging on the same old chocolates and store bought candy bars though. This is the time for chocolate themed parties, splurging on the finest imported chocolates and experimenting with chocolate in all types of recipes.

This is definitely the month for sending chocolate to someone special. It doesn’t have to be your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend either. Send gift baskets with chocolate truffles to friends, family, co-workers and even as thank you to clients. A quick search online will supply you with plenty of gift basket option for any budget, or put together your own and personalize it. You can be sure it will make some one's day and will definitely bring a smile to their face and make them feel better.

There are ‘white’ parties, ‘red’ parties and more, but isn’t it time for a chocolate party. Own your own bar or club? You can bet a chocolate party will bring in the crowds for sure. Break out the chocolate fountain, chocolate cognac truffles, chocolate martinis and more. You can even do this at home for your friends. Its also the perfect theme for a singles evening on Valentine’s Day. Create invitations and make sure people RSVP so you are stuck with an oversupply of chocolate that you will be tempted munch on the rest of the year and consider making little gift baskets for your guests to take home with them.

Did you know that chocolate and cocoa is also commonly used in an array of savory dishes as well? Chocolate is a popular ingredient in many chili recipes and can be used in many other meat dishes for a new twist. Ever tried Cocoa Crisp Bacon? Try baking bacon with brown sugar, chipotle chili pepper and cocoa powder. Cocoa powder has also been used in salmon dishes and for seasoning meat for tostadas. You can even use chocolate to sweeten your own homemade protein bars

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