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Typical Dishes Served at Easter

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

Typical Dishes Served at Easter

Typical Dishes Served at Easter

Entertaining family and friends this Easter? Need to find some typical holiday dishes, new Easter dishes or some winning Easter dinner recipes to make sure you day is a hit? Take a look at some of the following typical holiday dishes for inspiration for your Easter dishes...



Special breads have always been incorporated as typical holiday dishes for Easter whether they are decorative or sweet. Popular Easter dishes and foods made with bread include soft baked pretzels and sweet hot cross buns. If you haven’t tried hot cross buns yet, they are one of the incredibly addictive sweet treats among traditional Easter dishes in England are a must try. Homemade baked giant pretzels are fun to make with kids and can be used to keep them fed and busy while entertaining your grown up guests.



If you need a hot main course then you will find that many Easter dinner recipes normally include baked ham or lamb. Cooking your own baked ham is probably the easiest way to go and is one dish you probably can’t mess up so is a good choice of Easter dishes if you really can’t afford to fail. However lamb also provides a range of great Easter dinner recipes and a break from the norm. There are almost unlimited ways to prepare lamb so whatever your favorite flavors and seasonings are you can probably find a way to incorporate them.



Eggs are of course the most typical of holiday dishes and foods served up at Easter time. While they may be mostly associated with kids painting them and hunting for them you really shouldn’t let your holiday slip by without experimenting with a new eggs dish or two. It could be as simple as deviled eggs if you haven’t made them before or treating your other half to eggs Benedict for breakfast.



Candy of course is an essential part of any Easter Sunday whether you have any religious beliefs or not. Though instead of just leaning on the major chocolate companies who make a killing every April why not make the effort to make a few of your own sweet Easter dishes. Think themed shaped cookies, trying your hand a cake decorating and apricot and angel food cakes.


It is never to early to start planning your typical holiday and Easter dishes. You know the stores are going to be slammed the couple days ahead of Easter which cannot only be frustrating but limit you on essential ingredients so try to stock up on what you need well in advance.

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