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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wine

  • Article Author: Cheng Tay

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wine

Wine Tasting

How do you really know what kind of wine to buy?


Imagine yourself invited to a dinner party hosted by one of your friends, and you need to bring a bottle of wine. Choosing the best bottle will be difficult and confusing especially for inexperienced people.


Choosing a perfect bottle of wine can be intimidating for some people, especially if unfamiliar with the various bottles of wine. Your experience with wine best summarized in a doctor’s prescription; drink red wine for a healthy heart. Other than that, you are clueless. If you want to become an expert or at least a skilled novice in wine selection, follow these pointers:


  • Learn how to pair wine with food and study the basics. When it comes to wining, the rule of the thumb, pair light wine with simple foods with fish, chicken and reserve full-bodied wine with beef and tomato-based sauces. You can simplify this: white wine goes well with fish, pork and chicken and red wine blends nicely with beef. As for spicy food, choose a sweet-tasting wine.
  • Use your basic geography lesson. Old-world wines, like that from France and Italy taste better compared with wines from new-world countries like South America, USA and Africa. Wine manufacturers from traditional countries produce wines for decades and somewhat perfected their process. However, wine producers from the US or other countries also make excellent bottles.
  • Learn grape varieties. Knowing the kind of grape variety used for a bottle of wine can help you choose the best wine for your dinner party. For lighter reds, go for a bottle of Merlot while Chardonnay, an excellent white wine for creamy sauces and chicken. Wines made from two grape varieties, like the Cabernet-Merlot blends, suits any palate.
  • Choose wine vintage well because few wines tastes good after spending some time in the cellar. Vintage simply means the production year and not how long it was stored. Some vintage wines come out particularly good because of the weather conditions and the quality the grapes were grown. Most red wines taste better with aging and mostly the bottles you bought in a store have already aged for two years. White wines, on the other hand, taste good with little aging and storage.


Be smart in choosing the best wine for your friend’s dinner party. Follow these simple tips to become an expert in choosing wine. After all, the party is not just about choosing the best bottle of wine, but enjoying every moment of good food with your friends.


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