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How to pair your wine with chocolates

  • Article Author: Chin Kim

How to pair your wine with chocolates

How to pair your wine with chocolates

Just like wine and cheese, you can pair your chocolates with wines. There is always a bottle of best wine perfect for a chocolate bar. Both wine and chocolates have the rich flavors and complex taste that when matched, can give you a pleasurable gastronomical experience. Just like with wine tasting, you can have wine and chocolate pairing to learn the perfect wine for chocolates.


If you want to have a hands-on experience with wine and chocolate pairing, have some chocolate bars ready and a variety of best wine bottles. Note the aroma, the sound of a chocolate bar breaking, and the shine or gloss of the chocolates. Get a glass of wine and check the color, swirl it around the glass, and sniff. Take note of the smell and aroma from the wine glass. Sip the wine, take note of the distinctive flavors. Take a bite of your chosen chocolate; let it linger inside your mouth and sip the wine again as the chocolate begins to melt. Try to notice the diverse flavors released in stages during the wine and chocolate pairing. Just like with wine tasting, take note of the unique flavors, such as spicy, fruity, woody and roasted flavors.


The most basic rule in wine and chocolate pairing, choose a wine as sweet as or much sweeter than the chocolate. Avoid picking a wine too dry for chocolates. Pair your light flavored chocolates with wines with a smooth taste and full-bodied wines with darker chocolates. Just like with wine tasting, try to go from the lighter variety to dark chocolates. It will be much easier to identify the different flavors, and take note of the perfect blend of chocolates and wine. A favorite match is a well-aged Pinot Noir with dark chocolates. A light wine like Merlot tastes good with a milk chocolate bar, desserts like a creamy cheesecake and a chocolate mousse while a dessert of strawberries dipped in milk chocolate complements well with a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine.


You will learn that wine and chocolate pairing does not always mean getting the perfect wine and chocolate bar the first time. It takes a few experiments on your part, a few chocolate and wine tasting to find the best match. It always depends on your palate and taste preferences. Some people prefer contrasting match, like white chocolate with a wine with a high level of tannic and alcohol content. The combination is unusual but a potential pairing worth exploring.

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