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How to Pair Food with Wine: 6 Tips for Choosing a Wine to Complement Your Meal

  • Article Author: Salvatore Cesareo

How to Pair Food with Wine: 6 Tips for Choosing a Wine to Complement Your Meal

Pair Food with Wine

Pair Food with Wine

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How to pair food with wine has been a hot topic for long time now, and many references are available both in stores and online. But really, what are the essential notions that you need to know when choosing a wine to complement your meal? Is there an easy way to learn how to pair food with wine? Whether you want to impress your date, enjoy a simple weekly dinner sipping on a glass of wine or entertain a group of foodie friends, there are some basic rules of thumb that will help you in being successful.

Common belief is that when pairing food with wine is that white wines are usually better suitable for white meats and red wines are a better compliment for red meats and red sauces. Other connoisseurs will tell you that it is ok to serve white complex wines such Chardonnay aged in barrique with some red meats. And how about pairing wine with cheeses? Cheese and wine pairing is in fact a classic course in entertaining among foodies.

Imagine several type of cheeses, a selection of white and red wines, include some grapes, melon, strawberries and different colored vegetables and you might just have the perfect and yet simple course for the event you are planning. However, when shopping for wine to complement your meal you may find yourself lost, literally, in the rows of shelves displaying wines of many grapes variety and different regions and appellation.

Where to start from?

Sommeliers and amateurs, food experts and foodies will describe different wines through the mixture of words and scents. Also, the taste of wine is linked to its chemicals composition and that of its grapes, as well as wine making technique and methods of aging. So, among all these different notions and opinions how are you going to choose a wine to complement your meal?

The followings are my 6 essential tips to get you started to learn how to pair food with wine:

1) Get familiar with aromas. The first step that you need to take when learning how to pair food and wine is to get familiar with different natural aromas. Procure a rich selection of different scents and get familiar with their smell. Try your local specialty wine store and ask for natural scents in flacons.

2) Train your nose. In order to recognize the different aromas you need to practice frequently and regularly to be able to associate the scents with the samples.

3) Test the wines. Start tasting your favorite wine and add other wines in the process. Testing wines is an exercise that is essential in training and building gradually knowledge. Do not forget to take notes and compare.

4) Associate aromas with samples. Learn the many numbers of aromas that can be found in wines. Match them with the scents from your flacons.

5) Be Consistent. Practice regularly until able to name the aromas with accuracy. This is a very important process in educating your memory.

6) Associate flavors with wine origin. Learn to associate the flavors of wines with a particular region. This will help you in time to associate aromas with wines from a particular region or appellation.

Food and wine pairing is as entertaining and fun as it sounds. And it can also be memorable. Remember that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen of your grandmother when cooking your favorite food? That’s right, nothing can transport you like a scent. Enjoy learning about wines and at your next wine tasting party provide your friends with notepads and pencil to take notes and compare. And now that you are able to recognize and associate aromas with wines, you are ready to open that bottle of wine to complement your meal.

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