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Reinvent Protein Shakes With Your Own Fitness Shake Recipes

By Tommy Clark

Protein shakes have been a staple in the diet of most professional athletes as well as avid fitness fans for decades. While they do provide great nutrition and vital recovery power after exercise many do not take advantage of them due to taste.

Truffles – Why The White truffles Are The Most Expensive Mushrooms

By Salvatore Cesareo

Have you ever wondered why a root parasite is regarded as one of the most exciting and expensive foods in the world?

How to tell if you are sick of Food Borne Disease

By Gostanza Capponi

Food borne diseases are deadly and if you are not careful in handling your family?s food, you will one of the 76 million people worldwide suffering from food borne illnesses. I

What You Should Not Eat While Traveling Abroad

By Ashley Edwards

Its travel season once again and one of the things you need to consider when traveling to a different country is the local food. Almost all travelers want to eat something unique to a particular area, the native foods that you cannot just buy anywher

Foods For Better Moods

By Roberto del Conde

Of course everyone wants to feel happier most of the time. In fact 90% of most people's day is all about the desire to chase happiness. Whether it is working away at a job you hate to have money to do something that makes you happier on the weekend o

Foie Gras Martini Vs Bacon Martini at the Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas

By salvatore Cesareo

It’s time to shut up and drink as fine dining takes the battle to punk rock’s favorite Las Vegas hang out. Get ready for a foodie drinking fest as you have never seen it before as Four Diamond awarded restaurant Andre’s

Uncork’d At Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas!


 Mother’s Day weekend saw the 5th annual world class ‘Vegas Uncork’d’ wine and food festival celebrated in Las Vegas. Food Enquirer was there to cover the amazing 4 day extravaganza...

How to Choose the Best Culinary School Near You

By Vedat Onyol

Nowadays, more and more people are taking culinary lessons. For others, cooking is a passion with talent and skills. For the last several years, culinary schools have been multiplying like crazy.

Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety

By Cheng Tay

Anxiety is a prevalent mental health condition in the US. Statistics show that it is the leading mental health problem in women, and it comes a close second to alcohol and drug abuse in men.

Food As A Natural Remedy For Depression?

By Tommy Clark

Yes, many foods can be used as natural remedies for depression. With 20 million Americans suffering from depression each year it is a major problem for many. Now we are not talking about the typical foods that many turn to make themselves feel better

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